Did you know that in the early days of thinking the new city was to be The New City of Bletchley. Then thinking moved to select somewhere central in the designated area for the name.

One thing is for certain, if this had happened in Sir Herbert Leon’s day it would have been Bletchley and no question about it. It is also certain city status would have been a mere formality, Sir Herbert would have demanded it and no monarch could have stood in his way.

Sir Herbert and Lady Leon were devoted a devoted couple but the renaming of Leon School to Sir Herbert Leon Academy would have provoked a family row registering on the Richter scale ! Herbert would have been flattered but not Lady Leon. Sir Herbert had nothing to do with the school, then located in Fenny Stratford, it was all Lady Leon’s doing. She would have been furious that her legacy was not respected.

I am furious that the legacy of Leon Dinosaur was also disrespected by the school. He does, howver, live on at Warren Adventure Playground and lives on in the hearts of all LEONITES.

Disrespected by Network Rail is Leon Bridge. This is an important location within Britain’s railway development. It should be properly recognised.

How many members of Milton Keynes Council have ever heard of Sir Herbert Leon ? How many know where Leon Bridge is ? 


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