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Does the English sparrow migrate to India ?

  Well does it ? Does the English sparrow migrate to India ? Of course it does and i can prove it, oh yes I can ! Every morning and every afternoon I have to fill the various bird tables in my garden. There are fatballs which usually last a month before I need more, there are peanuts which are the favourites of pigeons, doves, blue titas and the squirrels but the sparrows..... For more than a year I have been boiling rice which I used to mix with bird seed fromn the supermarket and put out on the tables. However, I found that the rice would vanish within anhour or so while the bordseed remained on the tables for days. We want rice ! So chirp the sparrows. We want rice ! I buy the rice in giant bags from the India section in Morrissons from which I draw the logical conclusion that the sparrows have some connection with India. I have never been to India and now at this stage of my life I doubt I ever will. The closest I have come is watching The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel on DVD. My frei