Memories of The Duke of Edinburgh's Award Scheme

DAY ONE HUNDRED – Saturday 10 th April 2021 By way of a brief introduction. Throughout the year of 2021 I am writing a daily diary. It will form part of a time capsule I will seal Wednesday on Friday 31 st December 2021 to be opened by future generations on 1 st January 2121. Today’s entry is going to be a little bit different, I will be sharing with readers here on 10 th January 2021 and will be confining the page to just one single subject, the death of His Royal Highness Prince Philip The Duke of Edinburgh who died yesterday aged ninety-nine years. I became a teenager on 3 rd November 1963 and spent the next year with my ambition focussed on one thing, joining The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award Scheme. I could not wait for the next twelve months to pass. Back in those days the scheme operated for teenagers aged fourteen to eighteen. I believe the age span today to be different but that is not of interest to be here and now. To me and to my friends His Royal Highness was a hero


DAY SEVENTY-TWO:  Saturday 13 th March  2021: I am losing it. Either that or somebody, somewhere is sabotaging my writing. The other day I carefully counted up all the books published since 1 st January and word totals. I found that   the numbers I had been using each day were wrong. Using the new base of calculate ion then adding in the work done each day as of yesterday I hit 429,020 . This morning Amazon has published DAVE’S POETRY so I have done a book by book check again. JANUARY 2021 The Retro Eighties – 22,328 L’Escargot Albert – 12,981 Aliens In Time – 11,190 In Search Of The Leons – 24,716 Jukebox Jury – 22,402 Dave’s Diary – 38,853 Milton Keynes A Disco For A New City – 8,883 TOTAL BOOKS 7 WORDS 155,284   FEBRUARY 2021 By The Pricking Of My Thumbs – 13,193 Behind The Noose Or Not – 28,648 The Secret Diary Of An Old Man Age Thirteen And Three Quarters – 14,297 Down And Out In Milton Dreams – 12,814 Poets Corner – 36,823 Dave’s Diary – 34

FIFTY is a RUBBISH number

DAY SEVENTY-ONE:  Friday 11 th March  2021: FIFTY is a RUBBISH number as I am about to demonstrate. Fifty will become a bit of a central theme to today’s diary page.   I am, of course, writing this page to be part of my time capsule which I will seal on Friday 31 st December 2021 to be opened on Wednesday 1 st January 2121. 20 th February I wrote a poem. It was meant to be a one off but this morning I penned my 50 th poem. Rubbish number fifty, my poems are all rubbish as you can see here from number fifty.   GREEN   Green is a beautiful colour, it is the colour chosen by our world for its own. It is the colour of the leaves that decorate the trees, as those leaves spring out each year. It is the colour of grass in our meadows, and home to the rainbow of flowers. Yet green you will not find in any rainbow, it is a blending of yellow and of blue. Yellow from the smile of the sunshine, Blue from the surrounding sky. Green is the colour of love for our p