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DAY FIFTY-NINE  Sunday 28 th February 2021: Morning has broken:   MORNING HAS BROKEN Morning has broken and the birds are singing. The Blackbird invites us to start the day. A day of sunshine or a day of pain, a day of smiling or a day of rain. A day of happiness or a day of gloom. Morning has broken, and the birds are singing. Our feathered friends are ready to start their day. Rain or shine how will you form your day ? With sunshine and smiles, or with clouds and rain ? How you form your day will affect the days of all around you. Morning has broken, and the birds are singing. The Blackbird invites YOU to start YOUR day.   Can you believe it we are now standing here on the last day of February 2021. In my writing challenge the month began with me having written 264,466 words in my 2021 challenge. I open my day with that total standing at 409,233. How will things look at the end of today ?   Well, I’ll tell you tomorrow.   In January I pu

Come and sing a rainbow with me

DAY FIFTY-EIGHT  Saturday 27 th February 2021: Good morning and welcome to Saturday. Saturday the penultimate day of February, Saturday, the penultimate day in this chapter of Dave’s Diary. I had a truly beautiful day yesterday, if only every day were like yesterday what a wonderful life I would have. SMILE – SMILE TODAY: Maybe not tonight, nor the next day, but everything is going to be OK. I spent much of my day yesterday in the grounds of Stow National Trust, this is a special place for me. A very special place. While walking round its parkland not one, not, two but THREE poems burst from my heart. YES, I know the poetry I write is rubbish but here is the first one.   TREE Thank you tree for letting me sit beneath your branches They are tall What stories can they tell How many birds have nested to make their homes there ? I am sure you made them all happy. How much sunshine, wind and rain Have help[ed youi grow so tall So tall and so strong If only y