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DAY ONE Friday 1st January 2021

DAY ONE: Friday   1st January 2020: Happy New Year. Welcome to 2021 and good bye to 2020 the year that never was.   Yep, here we are on Friday 1 st January.     Hey, have you made a   New   Year   Resolution ?   I have. I am going to go outside my home more times than does my wheelie bin. No, seriously this year my resolution is to write no fewer than one million words and to publish them in a minimum of twenty-four e-books on Amazon. Every word in every book will blow a kiss of love and a smile to someone across the year. You know about that don’t you, and more of it later. When I was a young man my mates and I had a bit of a tradition where we saw the new year in on top of a mountain. One year it was Thorpe Cloud at the foot of The Dovedale. The next year we headed a little further north to Kinder Scout before twelve months later going for the big one, Snowdon. Snowdon by name and SNOW by nature. Not that it would have been open at midnight but the cafĂ© on the summit was com