How much do YOU enjoy listening to music ?

The Magic of Music

Today I want to invite you to check out some of my music books within my Amazon Bookshelf.

Starting with the second book I wrote in 2020

Book Number: Two

Title: The FantasiesOf A Geriatric DJ

Date of Publication: Sunday 22nd March 2020

Genre: Fictional Autobiography

Word Total: 31,864

Star Rating: ***  (In my humble and arrogant opinion that is !)

I have always been addicted to music, ever since at the age of ten I began a revolution in my junior school to allow boys to be part of what was an all-girls music class. Swinging through the 1960’s I grew up when all the best bands were playing. In one form or another music has always been at the centre of my life. Late in life I began broadcasting on a now operationally defunct internet radio station where I took the name The Geriatric DJ. In 2019 I started to write an entirely fictional story, a dream – a fantasy, with myself at the centre of the action. I started in early 2019 but set the text aside and simply never finished it. As the year came to its end I determined to pick up the text and finish the story. With the pandemic I found I had so much

time on my hands, I picked up the story and brought it to an end. When I began writing the style was a mixture of bouncy, fun music and personal sadness. When I resumed writing the style changed and I am not sure if it works or not.

How much fun did I have writing this story ?  A bit.

How many of you remember JUKEBOX JURY on TV ? On 13th January 2021 I published an e-book using this title. It is meant to be read by teenagers using their smart phones who will then discuss the music, track by track with their grandparents. A bit of fun for both generations.

With the same format I published on 31st January 2021 MILTON KEYNES A DISCO FOR A NEW CITY where I look at all the great music associated with Milton Keynes.

William Shakespeare gave us IF MUSIC BE THE FOOD OF LOVE PLAY ON. Using this title I publish a third music book on 8th March 2021. Check it out.

Check out all the music on my AMAZON BOOKSHELF.


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