Time to give up ?

I am feeling fed up and disheartened. Should I give up my calling for Milton Keynes to be awarded a city charter as part of the Queen’s platinum jubilee ?  I have failed quite miserably to generate interest.

Today my letter to the member of Milton Keynes Council leading the call and heading the submission to Buckingham Palace should reach him. I really am not optimistic he will engage, that is just not the way with Milton Keynes Council. I am nervous about sending him a copy via e-mail but will do so tomorrow.

So should I stop and leave it there ? Leave it there and give up ?

What I would like to do is to start drafting my own presentation to Buckingham Palace and put that letter in the post week-beginning 2nd August. If I do that then my conscious is clear and I will have at least tried my best even if people have not given me their support.

Assuming Buckingham palace does accept my letter and does consider the former application from Milton Keynes Council the announcement as to city status will be made in February next year. If Milton Keynes does indeed become a city then I can start work on MILTON KEYNES THE CITY THAT TRULY IS. I would like to make this a vast collection of fly-on-the wall activities showing how normal people, not self-important politicians and those with over inflated egos go about what they do.

However, I am feeling sad right now as I have failed to gather support around me.


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