Draft introduction

I am carefully preparing my document supporting Milton Keynes being awarded a city charter. This is just the introduction. I am now working on exctacts from my writing over the past 30 years to demonstrate what a deserving case Milton Keynes is. I plan to send this all to Buckingham Palace at the beginning of August.

Your Majesty

Ahead of your Platinum Jubilee may I on a personal level send you my heartiest congratulations and that you for so many years of dedication to our country within which you have achieved more than any other monarch.


I was present at your coronation, not at Westminster Abbey, of course, but waving my flag along the procession route.

Too young to actually remember I am told that your carriage passed directly in front of me.

I lived in Birmingham but with my parents I had gone down to London with my parents to join the celebration and support our monarch.

My maternal grandparents lived in Lambeth where I attended a street party and where my grandfather dressed up as a clown entertaining we children.

History tells us how your coronation gave to the nation a time to step outside the darkness of the recent World War II and the austerity the people were still going through.

Not a war in the traditional sense of the word but the entire world has, indeed still is, been going through a horrible war with this pandemic.

Your Platinum Jubilee celebration with bring a special happy time to not only our country but to the entire world, a celebration we all need to lift our spirts as we applaud such an iconic event.

When George Freideric Handel composed Zadok the Priest for the coronation of King George II in 1727 he could hardly have imagined it would be played at the coronation of a monarch who would serve her country for seventy years, serve her country in the way that you have.

The Royal House of Windsor now spans more than one hundred years and is set to continue for at least another three generations. No other royal house has achieved so much.

Part of Your Majesty’s Platinum Jubilee Celebration will be to award a city charter to a

town within your realm. Milton Keynes Council has submitted a formal request for out borough to be considered. While I support this application fully it comes from the political management of Milton Keynes, I believe the heart of any application needs to reflect the people. Writing is a hobby of mine, has been since I was a teenager, and over the past decades I have written quite prolifically about the New City of Milton Keynes, at this time Milton Keynes The City That Never Was. I have here in the following pages gathered together some of my writing which I would be honoured if you would consider towards possibly awarding Milton Keynes city status.

I have the honour to be, Madam, Your Majesty's humble and obedient servant. 

David John Bekah Ashford


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