Does the English sparrow migrate to India ?


Well does it ?

Does the English sparrow migrate to India ?

Of course it does and i can prove it, oh yes I can !

Every morning and every afternoon I have to fill the various bird tables in my garden. There are fatballs which usually last a month before I need more, there are peanuts which are the favourites of pigeons, doves, blue titas and the squirrels but the sparrows.....

For more than a year I have been boiling rice which I used to mix with bird seed fromn the supermarket and put out on the tables. However, I found that the rice would vanish within anhour or so while the bordseed remained on the tables for days.

We want rice ! So chirp the sparrows. We want rice !

I buy the rice in giant bags from the India section in Morrissons from which I draw the logical conclusion that the sparrows have some connection with India.

I have never been to India and now at this stage of my life I doubt I ever will. The closest I have come is watching The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel on DVD.

My freinds the Sparrows, however, tell me it  is a beautiful land.

Does India have a national bird ?  Just a moment and I'll see what Wikipedia can tell me.

It does actually.

The national bird of India is the peafowel and that my friends is a beautiful creature.

Just look at it !

All birds are beautiful are they not and I have so many living in my garden. I don't have an Indian Peafowl but I do have its ambassador in my saparrows.

No, I do not have a nightingale living with me in the garden. Do you know this is now a seriously endangered species in danger of extincion ?

This is what Winkipedia has to say about bird extinction:

The top human causes of bird extinction involve: the increased human population, destruction of habitat (through development for habitation, logging, animal and single-crop agriculture, and invasive plants), bird trafficking, egg collecting, pollution (in fertilisers impacting native plants and diversity, pesticides.

It is not a case of if the sparrow will become extinct but when. My sparrows please fly far and wide, even all the way to India and tell your avian friends to come and enjoy the rice in my garden. I will keep a special eye out for the Indian Peafowl.


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