Use the wind to blow your SMILES far and wide

DAY SEVENTY: Thursday 10th March  2021:

Let’s start off with an understatement today.  IT’S WINDY. Yeh, and some. Early this morning I drove the cash machine and had to carefully negotiate all the rubbish sacks blow over the road as they await collection on Bin Bag Thursday.

Yesterday the tree surgeon came to visit and give a quote for work that needs to be done in our garden. At this rate his estimate of £1,161 will be redundant.

While I was driving to the cash machine the wing told my heart to write this.



We never had weather like this when I was a kid.

Today high winds ripping branches from the trees.

Soon it will be Spring and then Summer,

each with record temperatures,

higher than any year before.

Right now rain holds hand with this ferocious wind,

striving to make this the wettest March on record.

Mankind you are doing such a really god job,

your destructive complacency celebrating

climate emergency.

We never had weather like this when I was a kid !

 As I write these diary pages each day, primarily intended for people to read on one hundred years time I wonder what kind of a world you will all be living in.  Last night I watched something on TV about Mars The Red Planet, how long before we have Earth The DEAD Planet ?


SMILE OF THE DAY:  Happy World Smile Day Your SMILE lights the way for others to SMILE too.

With today’ high winds we can all blow our SMILES far and wide reaching more and more people.

Do you really want me to tell you about my writing yesterday ? Just fast forward and skip this boring stuff !

4,224 more words bringing the adjusted total to 422,501 words since January. Already I have written four more poems today and I t’s only 8.17am. There’s another pricking at my heart, only three more and my rubbish can be offered to Amazon for publication.

This poem is real, something from an hour earlier:



 A moth lay dead in a jug this morning.

I found him in the kitchen,

drowned in the shallow water.

In the darkness of the night

there was no light to draw him in.

What caused the end of this insect’s life ?

The world is now missing his existence,

one less creature of beauty

to enhance love here on Earth.

I will miss you my friend.

In which ever world you now inhabit,

I hope that you are happy.


For WHO NEEDS A PUB TO HAVE A QUIZ I have edited thirteen out of thirty-eight quiz sheets. Actually it was not all that boring yesterday but we will see what today brings.

For DESTINY’S SERVANT I have a feeling in my stomach as I am bringing together two characters towards marriage. My stomach is telling me to build in a huge element of love into the relationship and not simply use Character A to join with Character B to Make Character B.

THE FIRES OF HELL, having read all that I wrote ages ago I am thinking through the way forward and how I want to develop not only the plot but also deepen the characters. Two I want to be WYSISYG – remember that ? What You See Is What You Get, while the other two will make the word ENIGMA look like a bright shining star.

What was happening ON THIS DAY:

11th March 1981: Hundreds of students in the University of Pristina in Kosovo, then part of Yugoslavia. To give their province more political rights. The protests then become a nationwide movement. ARE YOU SURE YOU’VE GOT YOUR TATES RIGHT WIKIPEDIA ?  I REMEMBER THAT AND I FEEL IT WAS A FEW YEARS LATER ON.

11th March 1985: Mikhail Gorbacev is elected to the position of General Secretary of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union making Gorbachev the USSR’s de facto and last head of state.

11th March 1990: Lithuania declares itself independent from the Soviet Union.

11th March 1955: Alexander Fleming, born 1881, dies.

I think I am going to have to switch a light on.  The high wind and rain abated for a brief time and the sun shone through, now the storm clouds are gathering for another attack.

Forget that for a moment….

Yesterday there were another five thousand, nine hundred and twenty-six new cases of china virus and one hundred and ninety more deaths. Families and loved one grieving without support and leadership from our government and monarchy.  WHY ?

A quick nip into my diary to check a date. 1.30pm Monday 15th February, on that day I donated a pint of blood. Yesterday I received a text from NHS Blood Donors to say my blood was used at West Suffolk Hospital. Just a moment and let me see what Wikipedia can tell us about that hospital:

West Suffolk Hospital provides a range of acute core services with associated inpatient and outpatient facilities. There is a purpose-built Macmillan Unit, a dedicated Eye Treatment Centre and a Day Surgery Unit. West Suffolk Hospital has around 460 beds and 13 theatres, including three in day surgery and two in the eye treatment centre.

I am going to make West Suffolk our Hospital Of The Week for SMILE cards next week.

And with that I will bring this diary entry to a close.

Catch up again tomorrow



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