DAY SEVENTY-TWO: Saturday 13th March  2021:

I am losing it. Either that or somebody, somewhere is sabotaging my writing. The other day I carefully counted up all the books published since 1st January and word totals. I found that  the numbers I had been using each day were wrong. Using the new base of calculate ion then adding in the work done each day as of yesterday I hit 429,020.

This morning Amazon has published DAVE’S POETRY so I have done a book by book check again.


The Retro Eighties – 22,328

L’Escargot Albert – 12,981

Aliens In Time – 11,190

In Search Of The Leons – 24,716

Jukebox Jury – 22,402

Dave’s Diary – 38,853

Milton Keynes A Disco For A New City – 8,883




By The Pricking Of My Thumbs – 13,193

Behind The Noose Or Not – 28,648

The Secret Diary Of An Old Man Age Thirteen And Three Quarters – 14,297

Down And Out In Milton Dreams – 12,814

Poets Corner – 36,823

Dave’s Diary – 34,201

A Staircase Of Words – 16,437


GRAND TOTAL 14 books WORDS 309,697


MARCH 2021

This House Believes – 6,755

Dave’s Poems 9,221


Running total 16 books  WORDS 325,655



Dave’s Diary – 16,287

Destiny’s Servant – 6,098

Who Needs A Pub To Have A Quiz – 32,724

Fires Of Hell – 4,200

4 books 59,309 words

GRAND TOTAL RUNNING 20 books 384,964


429,020 is what my number should be so why  is it only 384,964 ? Where have the vital 44,056 gone ?

This aint funny !

Don’t know about you but I need SMILE OF THE DAY.

If you love someone TELL THEM.  Care for someone ?  SHOW IT. Appreciate someone ? THANK THEM.  Because life is too short for regrets and words left unspoken.

I had a bad night last night, my best friend Doggie Jake was ill and needed to go out into the garden. He was sick twice. He is getting on and I am worried. He is sitting in his chair as I write, his eyes were closed but as I write this paragraph he has opened them. I do hope he will be well and better soon.

One of the books I want to write is JAKE’S DOGGIE BLOG. I’ll have a chat with Jake and put this into the schedule: Jake the Dog, Jake the Dog, there’s no one quite like Jake the Dog.

Later today I am heading out to see a friend I have not spoken with for a year, former homeless rough-sleeper Richard and I are meeting for a catch up. Richard wants my help writing his autobiography. He is far more intelligent and articulate than ever I am so I am not sure what help I can be. I am so looking forward to meeting.

We are going to meet close to where Dreamsai will be packing its weekly food parcels for the vulnerable. I am taking two hundred printed copies of SMILE OF THE DAY from earlier in the year .

If you love someone TELL THEM.  Care for someone ?  SHOW IT. Appreciate someone ? THANK THEM.  Because life is too short for regrets and words left unspoken.

I submitted DAVE’S POEMS to Amazon the moment my 50th poem burst from my heart. Since then nothing. Am I destined to only write fifty pieces ?  Come on heart, tell me what to write.

With DESTINY’S SERVANT I am really enjoying building this story. While war and death are at the centre of everything I think I need to build in a few life hurdles for my characters as right now things are going too smoothly.

Right now I am writing at the end of 1917 and World War One, my story will move into World War Two, The Korean War and then the Vietnam War.

Right now in the real world we are at war with china virus, yesterday another six thousand, six hundred and nine new cases with a further one hundred and seventy-five deaths. Small, it is true, in comparison to the deaths in war but in the time of war families were far better supported than they are now in the china virus pandemic.

When Richard and I talk later this morning I know we will speak about the present-day rough-sleepers and how society cares even less now that it did before. That lack of care comes all the way down from the top, the very top.

When will this end ?

Change the subject. Can I share a bit of my writing in DESTINY’S SERVANT from yesterday:

SUSAN BAINBRIDGE Born 1st October 1892

The first time George touched my hand at was if a magician had cast a spell over my entire being. A magical spell of happiness took hold of my hand. I can not wait until we are man and wife. How many children will we have ? What names shall we give to them ?

We are not engage, that George says needs to be when the war is over. While I do not want to delay for even a tiny moment I do understand that our love should not be founded in war. So when will this war be over ?

Hands ?  Something made me think. By beautiful George held my hand. His hand, as a member of parliament how many hands has that shaken ? If Bobby becomes a member of parliament he will have to shake hands won’t he ?  Hundred and thousands of hands, how is he going to do that with a stump on his arm where his right hand should be ? An ugly stump with a lump looking like a giant pimple.

“You can sort that,”  I felt Daniel saying. “I saved his life now my lovely twin sister you save his hand !”

“I will try.”

I can not knit and I can not sew, it is a failing in my life. If I could then I could make a glove, stuff it and fix it to Bobby’s arm where his real hand once was there. I am not going to suggest this to Mother, oh yes she knits.  She knits incessantly, standing behind the counter in the shop she knits between customers. Her knitting goes to soldiers serving on the front, she would not stop to knit for Bobby. Perhaps when the war is over but Bobby needs to have his new hand now so he can practice before he becomes a member of parliament.

Kynoch is a noisy place, machines clatter throughout the shift. Like others making the bullets for the rifles, sometimes I will stand up partly for exercise and partly to relieve the boredom. I try to stretch myself once every hour. My job is to place a precise and carefully measured amount of explosive into the small 303 casing then to fix the lead bullet in place. The quantity of powder used is small, not like the giant shells for the guns and so we girls at Kynoch are not Canary Girls and our skins do not go yellow.

I long so much for the war to be over and for this work no more to be needed. Perhaps next year.


“I congratulate you Mr Hathaway.”

“Thank you Prime Minister but we will not formally become engaged until the war is over.”

“Then that is another reason for it to end before much longer. My secret hope is for that to be next year.”

“It has been my secret hope Prime Minister since the day it broke out.”

“Your to be fiancé, he brother there is merit in your idea but he is very young to become a member of parliament.”

“Not a reason to prolong the war.”

“No, no not indeed but he is very young”

“Could that not be an advantage ? A young war hero who all families who have lost a son could identify with.”

“Are you sure, George, that you wish to retire from politics ?”

“Yes Prime Minister.”

“It could be that if you remained a member of the house then when it becomes my time to retire you could take my place.”

“Oh I don’t think so Prime Minister.”

David Lloyd George smiled, he was not certain himself if what he had just said was serious or not. Bobby Bainbridge as a war hero member of parliament was a good idea.

“I think I need to meet your fiancé’s brother some time.”

“I will arrange that Prime Minister.”

“Perhaps I should make a visit to the Kynoch Angels.”

“I know such a visit would be welcome Prime Minister.”


“That I very kind of you Susan and please thank your friend at Kynoch for her kindness offering to knit me a false hand but if I am going to become a member of parliament then I want people to see what, after all, are my minor injuries. Others have scars that make mine like a scratch on the knee.”

“You can keep your horseshoe,” George smiled. I have an idea how Bobby Bainbridge MP can completely change the way British society shakes hands.

I suppose we had better check out what was happening ON THIS DAY. You ready Wikipedia ?

13th March 1954: The Battle of Dien Bien Phu begins with an artillery barrage by Viet Mihn forces under Vo Nguyen Giap. Viet Mihn victory leads to the end of the Frirst Indochina War and French withdrawal from Vietnam.

13th March 1969 Apollo 9 returns safely to earth after testing the Lunar Moduel.

13th March 1996: The Dunblane massacre leads to the death of sixteen primary school children and one teacher in Dunblane, Scotland.

13th March 1998: Judge Dread, born 1945, dies.

And that’s where we were.

I think I’ll leave it there for today.



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