Rebekah's birthday


DAY FIFTY-ONE:  Saturday 20th February 2021:

Twenty-eight years ago today my darling daughter was born. In May it will be four years since she left us. There is not a moment, there is not a day, when my heart does not grieve her loss. All this Sunshine SMILE stuff is taken from Rebekah’s SMILE which was cheeky and so infectious.

I probably will not be at the laptop much today as we are going to walk in the beautiful gardens of Stowe National Trust as we celebrate Beck’s birthday.

This morning another five hundred and thirty-three families are grieving the loss of a loved one who died yesterday from the virus. How are they managing ?  How will they cope today ?  Another twelve thousand and seventy-seven new cases where families are hoping so much that their loved one does not add their name to the death toll.

Locally there were forty new cases and two deaths.

I have received a letter from Buckingham Palace. I wrote to the Queen seventeen days ago. If you write to Her Majesty you will always get a reply but it may take several months, not two weeks. Most letters sent to the palace are automatically replied to by a secretary. True my letter came from a secretary but I am certain Her Majesty had sight of the letter. Proof of this will, I believe, come within the next few months.

I complained that our country is disrespecting those who die every day with the virus, glibly flicking numbers into the media. I said that Buckingham Palace should send a letter of condolence to every family grieving a loss.  I am a Royalist and a patriot but am saddened HM Queen Elizabeth II is not leading our nation in supporting with love those who have lost people. Your Majesty, PLEASE take up my suggestion and lead the love these families need.


Today will be a hard day for me but it will be a beautiful day.

I am going to keep today’s diary page short and will now sign off with SMILE OF THE DAY.

The love in your heart wasn’t put there to stay: Love isn’t love ‘til you give it away.



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