Friday 19th February 2021:

As if I have not got enough to do !

My 4am moment today has increased my workload !

Yesterday I spoke with two homeless rough-sleepers I have befriended. They sleep on the floor in the rain and the snow outside Morrisson’s Supermarket at Westcroft Milton Keynes. Yesterday they were particularly low in spirits. I gave them money then as I was doing by shopping I picked up a Cadbury Cream Egg for them both.

In January 2020 a friends, Richard who used to rough-sleep outside Central Milton Keynes Railway Station and I were planning together to edit a book where Pavement Buddies across Milton Keynes could tell their stories. Perhaps I should say that Richard was going to edit the book and I was going to help him. Richard came up with the title DOWN AND OUT IN MILTON DREAMS.

Then came lock down and Richard disappeared. I have no idea what happened to him.

I have dozens of stories pavement buddies have shared with me from when we had the Dreamsai Lunch of Love. I have decided I am going to edit these into a short book using Richard’s title but then adding: The book that never was. Perhaps one day Richard and I can write the intended book. Perhaps one day there will be no homeless rough-sleepers to write about !

Yesterday I wrote another 6,100 words bringing my total to 364,449 words. I have finished editing volume one of POET’S CORNER and have material ready for volume three. I have written 7,901 words in STRAIRCASE OF WORDS and yesterday spoke with my Mum and Dad (92 and 95 years of age) to share some of their memories which I want to build into the story.

So now I have multiple projects on the go. I want to complete them all by the end of the month, NINE days time.

Don’t know about you but I need to SMILE. Let’s have SMILE OF THE DAY: Just because a person SMILES all the time does not mean their life is perfect. That SMILE is a symbol of hope and strength.

Richard used to say to me: Just because I have nothing in life does not mean I can not SMILE and nobody will ever take my SMILE away from me.

Where do the days go. FRIDAY and I have not started on this week’s SMILES. 100 envelopes of SMILES for the Dreamsai food boxes, Residents and staff at Flowers Care Home, this week’s hospital is Bristol Childrens Hospital. I need to get a big move on !

I am working on something to bring music into our SMILES.

Flippin Heck !  Got to get my rear end into a higher gear.


19th February 1953: 72% of all television sets in the US tuned to I Love Lucy to watch Lucy give birth. WHAT SAD PEOPLE !

19th February 1969: Jan Palach dies after setting himself on fire in Prague’s Wenceslas Square to protest about the invasion of Czechoslovakia by the Soviet Union.

19th February 1974: China gains control over all Paracel Islands after a military engagement between the naval forces of China and South Vietnam.

19th February 1978: The last Volkswagen Beetles leave the German plant.

19th February 1983: Nazi war criminal Klaus Barbie is arrested in Bolivia.

19th February 1950: Sebastien Dhavernas born. WHO THE HECK IS HE ?

19th February 1957: Ottis Anderson American footballer born. AMERICA CAN NOT PLAY FOOTBALL !  DOH !

19th February 1963: Martin Bashir born.

19th February 1963: John Bercow born ! Owch ! Big tine owch !

19th February 1969: Junior Seu American footballer born. WHEN WILL YOU REALIOSE THAT AMERICANS DO NOT KNOW HOW TO PLAY FOOTBALL !

19th February 1985: ANOTHER supposedly American footballer Benny Feihaber born. What a joke !

19th February 2014 Christopher Chataway, born 1933, died.

I am pleased to learn in today ‘s news that Prime Minister Boriouldn’;ts Johnson is leading the world donating vaccinations to poor countries. Wouldn’t this be great if it is the start of Boris learning what leadership is.

Yesterday another 12,718 cases and another 738 deaths in the UK. Where I live another 59 new cases and three deaths. WHEN will those leading our country start respecting those who have died and those who are mourning their loss ?

More evidence, sadly, that the little people are playing politics ahead of the May local elections. Politics destroys democracy.

I am watching the battle in Australia with Facebook. PLEASE can Facebook go bust and disappear from society. I hope when you open this time capsule on 1st January 2121 that Facebook with be a distant and painful memory.

REMEMBER: Just because a person SMILES all the time does not mean their life is perfect. That SMILE is a symbol of hope and strength.

Speak again tomorrow



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